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Financing Life’s Big Moments

When you think of life’s biggest moments, what comes to mind?  Perhaps you’re purchasing a new vehicle, planning a family vacation or even buying a new home. At First National Bank, we take pride in providing lending options customized to fit your specific needs. Our professional lending staff looks forward to meeting with you to help you find a great rate with flexible terms.

Personal Loans

There are a variety of consumer loans available at First National Bank, including:

  • Personal Loans: Get the funds you need to purchase a vehicle, plan a vacation, cover an unexpected medical expense or anything in between.
  • Home Equity Loan: Offered as a lump-sum, a home equity loan is a useful tool that allows you to use your home’s equity to cover immediate needs.
  • HELOCs: Home Equity Lines of Credit, commonly called HELOCs, present you with the opportunity to maintain a steady cash flow through a revolving line of credit using your home’s equity.

Home Mortgages

Finding the right home mortgage depends greatly on your buying needs and your future plans. Our home mortgage lenders work with you to find the loan that works best for your future success.

  • Conventional Loans: The entire loan process is handled by our local staff from application to closing.  We keep the loan here so we are always available to handle any questions you may have and you will always make your payment directly to us. 
  • Construction Loans: Use a short-term, fixed-rate line of credit to cover the costs associated with building a new home. You receive funds as work is completed on your new home and then enroll in one of our home mortgage options once work is completed.
  • Secondary Market Loans: The application and loan processing are handled by our staff before being sold to the secondary mortgage market, offering our customers fixed rates and low down payment requirements.

 First-Time Home Buyer Programs

There can be a lot of obstacles for first time home buyers, but we offer several programs to help you overcome those obstacles to purchase your dream home.

  • Iowa Finance Authority First Home Program: Available to qualified buyers, the IFA’s First Home Program offers affordable payments, low fixed rates and reduced potential down payments.
  • Iowa Finance Authority First Home Plus Program: If you don’t have the necessary funds to cover the down payment and closing costs as a first-time buyer, this program offers income-qualified payments and cash assistance of up to 3% of the mortgage amount to cover upfront costs.
  • USDA Rural Development Loans: Available with fixed rates and financing available for up to 100% to purchase new or existing homes in rural areas, this loan is available for buyers that are not eligible for conventional financing.

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