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VISA® Check Cards

For business owners who need to make several purchases a day to help their business succeed, writing checks can be a hassle. First National Bank in Fairfield offers VISA Check Cards that are connected to your business checking account. Your debit card can be used for anything from purchasing supplies for your business to buying dinner for potential clients, and is accepted anywhere that VISA is.

EMV Chip Cards

EMV Chip Cards offer more security for your debit card transactions and protect your financial information from being accessed by criminals. If you don’t have EMV-enabled payment terminals at your business yet, it’s important to take the steps to become EMV-compliant. Business owners who don’t have EMV terminals are held liable if a customer’s financial information is compromised. Please call First National Bank at 641-472-4121 to learn more about EMV compliance. To learn more about how EMV chip cards work, please read through this resource.