Get to Know Troy Harrison

Troy began his career at First National Bank in July of 2013, and has since been serving as Jr Lender in the Ag Department.  He graduated with honors from University of Northern Iowa, in May 2013, double majoring in Financial Management and Real Estate.

Troy was born in Iowa City, and then moved to Mount Pleasant at age 8, where he lived until attending College in Cedar Falls.  When asked if he grew up in Fairfield, this was his response “I am not a native of Fairfield but feel like one, my grandparents are so I used to come to Fairfield regularly growing up and every Christmas was spent at my grandma’s house.”

Troy has always enjoyed the outdoors whether it be camping, fishing, or hunting. He likes working on cars and motorcycle, as a kid he used to make a model car every year for Fairfield’s Collector Cars Unlimited Car Show.  Rumor has it; he still has all those trophies!

Troy enjoys working at FNB and shares the same common goals of the bank; believing it is important to do whatever we can to help this town and southeast Iowa thrive and continue to be a place we are proud to call home.  Everyone at FNB is committed to this purpose because our customers are also our friends and neighbors and when they thrive, we thrive.   Being the grandson of an Iowa farmer, Troy considers it an honor to help some of the hardest working people of this country and witness them thrive through their hard work, perseverance, and sacrifices. 

If you are looking to start or expand your Ag Production, come in to see how Troy can help today!


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